Ogon Quilted Zipper πορτοφόλι Rose Gold 3760127778325

Κωδικός: GO0063

EUR 69,00

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The Quilted Zipper credit card holder from the French Ogon Designs is a chic and feminine wallet with an unique design. This card holder has a aluminium shell with a divider in fabric. The Quilted Zipper offers room for 24 cards, paper money and coins. This makes the Quilted Zipper the ultimate replacement for your old school wallet. The practical divider makes sure your cards are reachable in a glance and with the special pocket with small zipper your coins will be safe and secure.


EAN :3760127778325

Brand: Ogon Designs

Country of Manufacturer: France

Product line: Ogon Quilted Zipper

Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: 107 x 72 x 36 mm

Product weight: 105 gram

Your Quilted Zipper can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a bit of window cleaner.


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